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Like Mother, like daughter...

Yup, can you believe it? Same month (and even same arm), just a few years apart. Crazy!

She was a trooper. I didn't see it, I saw it seconds later as she was walking down the sidewalk, crying really hard and holding her limp, little arm. In the distance I see her bike sprawled across the sidewalk. I knew immediately, I could tell just by how she was holding her arm. Of course, my first thought was, "watch over your little girl... just watch over her." My next thought, call Mom to see what to do. (My mom is a nurse)

Me: Mom I think Hallie broke her arm... what do I look for?

Mom: Margie, don't look for stuff... just get her to the hospital!!!! Get her some Motrin, a stick or something to stabilize it and some ice.

Luckily, I was with a good friend who took Max so I could just focus on Hallie and get her to the doctor.

The next and best part was as I was on my way to the Urgent Care, I see a family friend who is a doctor. I call him and ask if he could look at Hallie's arm. He looked at her arm and thought she definitely needed to go see a doctor. Then he worked his magic... within two hours she had her x-rays done, medicine ordered and got in to see the Orthopedic Surgeon who put on the cast:

Can you believe that... TWO hours! I still can't believe it. It was 2:30pm on a FRIDAY! Dr. B definitely worked some magic (and yes, pulled a few strings). Thanks Dr. B!

Hallie was so excited when they told her the options for cast colors. As soon as they said pink, I think she stopped listening. Her little heart was set on PINK!

So here she is, proud of her new friend:
This friend will hang around for the next month and half.

Thanks for watching over her, and me...

I miss you- ALWAYS.