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I'm ALIVE (just not in the blogging world)

Wow, where do I EVEN begin? I'm SO behind!
I remember talking about posting pictures from LAST Christmas- ahhhhhh!

Well, let me first start off by saying that we are doing great- we are healthy, happy and still feeling VERY blessed.  

So much has happened and I have just been too busy to blog (well, I'll let you in on the real reason in just a bit).  I would post LOTS and LOTS of pictures, but that actually takes time to find some, upload them,  it's late and I'm lazy... so here is the quickest 5 month review:

* Hallie got baptized in July, started 3rd grade and reads like CRAZY
*Max is still silly as ever, loves playing with Lego's on a daily basis and learned how to ride a bike
*I decided to give dating a try and was lucky to meet a really wonderful guy.  We started dating and got engaged in November (no wedding date set yet)
*After much thought and prayer, we packed up and MOVED to IDAHO.  This was a huge decision because we were so happy and content in Arizona.  Although we really miss our "family" in Arizona, we have loved being in Idaho and couldn't be happier!
*Hallie started at her NEW school and loves it (her teacher and friends are great!)
*Max is so very bored without his BEST bud around, he LOVES his older sister!
*I have been busy making the house our HOME...

Okay so here are some pictures because I can't make a post without pictures ;)

My two little loves:

All is so VERY, very well.


Miss you babe
I think you're happy knowing how happy we are right here, right now...

*Miss and love you always*