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I'm BACK...

Wow, almost a 2 month hiatus from blogging- BUSY, fun, much needed Summer break and LOVING it!

Let's go back a little bit to May... it was ROUGH. Like I've said in the past, I have had moments that were hard, but nothing beyond that. However, May's "moments" seemed to last just a TAD bit longer, like ALL month long- YUK! I was missing you like crazy, had some decisions to make, had a heavy heart and was feeling a little lost. Thank goodness for answered prayers- I have WONDERFUL friends here who were my pick-me-up when I needed it most. They let me cry, vent (basically ramble), all while talking me through things and making me laugh. I needed them more than ever during that time and I am so grateful they were there for me.

Although my friends helped me get through many rough patches, I still had a lot going through my mind. I have never really loved how early the kids start school here, but I do LOVE how early they get out. So, the day after Hallie finished school, we left on a 6 week vacay. Boy was it NEEDED... it saved my sanity and left me feeling VERY rejuvenated.

So what were we up to?
We went to one of your FAVORITE places... Wyoming
SO beautiful!

While there, we went to Utah and Idaho to visit family and friends. Then we flew back home to AZ and quickly packed up to head out to California for more family time.
The beach is SO relaxing and peaceful...LOVE IT!

We had a BLAST during all our travels visiting family and friends

So what are we up to now?
Busy, Busy, Busy
Enjoying the rest of summer and preparing for lots of company. There are some special things going on at the end of this month- a little someones 8th birthday and Baptism

BUT, busy is always good!
It feels good to be back home...

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Heather said...

That was so sweet. I love your candid thoughts. And the last picture is beautiful!! I just read a sweet little book called, "Heaven is for Real". It's pretty neat. A 3 year old boy who had a near death experience. Who knows of the validity of it all, but it was a neat and happy book.

Debra said...

yes, the picture is a little teaser!

Ryanne said...

I can't believe Hallie is turning 8! I'm glad you see you back on your blog and glad you had a much needed break. Thinking of you . . .

Katelin said...

So glad you got to have some family time! You are a rock, and we still keep you all in our prayers constantly! Miss you so much.

Seth and Julie said...

Love the pictures, as always. More please! I can't wait to see more of Hallie's 8 year photo shoot and upcoming baptism. Hooray for surrounding yourself with family to pull you through the rough patch.

John + Jamie = A Delavan Family said...

i love your photos! and how you use ryan's truck, it's just like you said, having him there, beautiful! sending you some love and hugs!