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SO happy!!!!

I couldn't be more excited for the month of July to come. It's your baby girl's birthday month and a pretty important one at that- she is turning 8 and getting baptized. It is now time to pull out these special items and wrap the MOST important gifts your baby girl is going to get :)
How grateful I am that you took the time to make the kids these videos for their major milestones/Birthdays.
I cannot wait to hear the words of love and advice you will give Hallie. What a special gift!
Since Hallie will be receiving a set of scriptures as part of her birthday/baptismal gift, you wrote her a special letter
I still am in AWE of everything you did for the kids and I before you passed.
Thank you for helping to make this day so special

Loves you MUCHO


Debra said...

Can't wait to hear that special CD, and to see all of you this week!

Mindy Burns said...

I'm not crying...I'm bawling! This one really hit me! I miss Ryan and I'm a friend, so I just can't IMAGINE how much YOU and the kids miss him!!!! This is such a big day for Hallie, and I'm sure that makes it even harder for you not having Ryan there.....I KNOW he will be watching over the entire event though and he'll be SO HAPPY! You are such a great mom and are doing such an amazing job on your own! Hallie is going to have such a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family that love her soooo much!

gotheart said...

I love your attitude! Thanks for your example!

John + Jamie = A Delavan Family said...

sending you some extra love and hugs. miss your family here in kenosha! love you!!! margie, you are a beautiful spirit!, love jamie

peter said...

I am glad for that happy day. Thanks for the updates. We are glad that you are happy. Still inspiring!!!