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Wow... where do I even begin. I am SO behind!

All I can say is, life is REALLY good right now.

We are enjoying the cooler AZ weather, school and routines are in full swing, photo shoots and friends are keeping me busy and most importantly, health and happiness are at its PEAKS right now.... I can't complain!

Heavenly Father continues to fill us all with peace and bounteous blessings.

I am SO grateful

I can't have a post with NO pictures... so I'm jumping ahead and just going to post some photos from little Ms. Hallie Mae's baptismal photo shoot:

Blog posts galore coming soon. There is SO much catching up to do ;)

Babe, I miss you incredibly, but I have a feeling you are smiling down on all of us right now.

I love you, ALWAYS


Seth and Julie said...

Oh boy is she gorgeous! I love the first picture with the literal twinkle in her eye like you only see in movies.

I have been thinking about you a lot this weekend. I am so happy that you are so happy and that you have so many wonderful updates for Ryan. When I heard about the Star Valley temple I couldn't help but feel like that was Ryan's little Dear Margie letter. I wonder how excited he was for that announcement. Reminds me that he is still there and very busy on the other side.

Erin S said...

Hallie is so pretty! Wow, you have a beautiful daughter, and I want her hair, its cute!

webster said...

She looks Beautiful!

ALONG said...

i am new follower from malaysia. =)